• One of the most rewarding parts of our work is seeing a landscape transform before our eyes. The process of taking an existing situation or … more >

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  • Creating sustainable landsites with water-wise landscaping is one of The RainCatcher's specialties. Sustainable landscapes are able to grow and … more >

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  • "We are so pleased with the work that the RainCatcher has done at our home. They have transformed our yard into a beautiful garden that we can … more >

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  • Permaculture is an approach to design that mimics the relationships found in natural ecologies. It operates by a set of principles: care of the … more >

    Permaculture Design Principles
  • Xeriscaping incorporates native flowers, trees and foliage to design a landsite that is drought tolerant, yet still lush and beautiful. The … more >

    Water-Wise Xeriscaping
  • Rainwater is a precious resource in the Southwest, yet many people fail to utilize this free commodity effectively. Capturing and storing … more >

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  • The long term effects of erosion can be devastating: the loss of trees, landscape and property, flooding damage, the depletion of groundwater, … more >

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Welcome to The RainCatcher


Let’s make your world greener!

The RainCatcher, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, specializes in making your world greener, healthier and more sustainable with rainwater harvesting, permaculture landscaping, irrigation and much more. We're a locally-grown company that believes in working with nature to create earth-friendly environments, using intelligent solutions. The RainCatcher designs and installs water catchment and irrigation systems utilizing rainwater, and permaculture design for landscaping, erosion control and water recycling. Take a look at what we do, and get in touch if you have any … Learn more >

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Water-wise Landscaping

Sustainable landsites are landscapes that can grow and thrive without the constant intervention of human resources.  Most take a good amount of time to fully establish, and require a large amount of energy and resources to get started. In the high desert where soil is extremely fragile and water is limited, design is the most critical factor. … Learn more >



Utilizing permaculture design to create sustainable landscapes, we develop landsites that accomplish many wonderful functions: build soil, grow food for us and wildlife, conserve water, moderate flood, erosion and drought conditions, create natural habitats, regulate pests, increase biodiversity, and make our high desert … Learn more >


What are One Rock Dams and Pumice Wicks?

One Rock Dams, or "ORD" structures, are simple water harvesting techniques that work extremely well in our high desert ecosystem. The basic principle of water harvesting is to capture runoff water as high in the watershed as possible. This allows for infiltration and sediment control before water has a chance to move through the … Learn more >